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learn Chinese through immersive storytelling

Learn everyday Chinese:  useful and everyday Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese words and phrases 

Immersive, interactive and playful: visual and audio to engage learning

Stories: join Abby, Luca and Cooper along many fun and exciting adventures!

Abby's Stories is a collection of engaging stories following the adventures of Abby, Cooper and Luca.   Kids and parents will have fun and will learn practical Chinese together. 

Learning Chinese can be challenging, especially useful everyday Chinese. Kids will effectively learn Chinese when they immerse themselves in the Abby's stories and have fun along the way!


Designed for kids 3 and above.

learn Chinese
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Abby's Adventures - designed for kids
Immersive storytelling
Everyday Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese

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about the team

We are Arthur and Fong Yee. We are Chinese Canadians living in the UK with our two kids, Alexia and Luca.

We both moved to Canada from Hong Kong as young children. Though we attended Chinese school, our confident grasp of the Chinese language was self taught through immersing ourselves in the Chinese culture - music, movies and stories.

To effectively learn a language, we believe that kids need fun resources in addition to traditional, structured methods such as flashcards. We want to give parents around the world a resource that is immersive, fun and engaging. 

Hence Abby's Stories was born! We wrote the stories based on our own fun experiences with our kids and structured the stories to incorporate useful Chinese. We hope that kids and parents will enjoy the adventures of Abby, Luca and Cooper.

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